Florida Style Ventures Inc.
849 Cypess Lake Circle 
Fort Myers, Florida 33919
Office Phone 239-243-8911
Fax 239-243-8911
email: floridastyleventures@gmail.com
State of Florida License # CRC056738

Commercial Contracting

Florida Style Ventures Inc. is a State Certified, General Contracting company, holding the highest available license in the State of Florida and have had successful projects across the State. Florida Style is a diverse company, capable of handling a wide variety of construction styles and is well versed in all types of construction, whether it is Commercial or Residential Construction; New Construction or Remodeling; Complete Site Development; Tenant Build-Out or Restoration we can take your project from inception to completion.

New Commercial Construction, demands a fast and efficient schedule, while maintaining high standards of quality.

New Construction, can often have the majority of it's obstacles at the design and permitting stages and after doing business in the various local Construction Industry, we have the knowledge to understand the intricacies of each municipality and the experience to identify those obstacles.

Remodeling , a Commercial Remodeling, requires an additional sense that comes with experience, the ability to foresee the unexpected, as well as the ability to mask structural features to make any remodel less obvious.

Restoration, should not be confused with remodeling and is unique in its own right, requiring the ability to have the evidence of construction unnoticed and to put a building back into it's original condition.

Let Florida Style Ventures Inc., be your:

Commercial Construction Contractor
Residential Construction Contractor
New Construction Contractor
Remodeling Contractor
Tenant Build-Out
Commercial Remodeling
Complete Restorations

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