Florida Style Ventures Inc.
849 Cypess Lake Circle 
Fort Myers, Florida 33919
Office Phone 239-243-8911
Fax 239-243-8911
email: floridastyleventures@gmail.com
State of Florida License # CRC056738

Concrete Services

From Layout to Tie Beam

We were originally founded in 1993  as Florida Style Drywall & Stucco, Inc., a full service drywall company. In 1998 Florida Style Services, Inc. was formed to expand into concrete specialties. In 2009 both companies were merged into Florida Style Ventures, Inc. We now handle residential, commercial and industrial construction.

                                                                                    Our Services Include:

          • Layout
          • Structural Concrete Forming
          • Flatwork Placement and Finishing
          • Masonry Construction
          • Specialty Items

In 1998 Florida Style focused the company’s direction toward mid-sized and large commercial projects as well as high-end residential projects. Florida Style has developed an estimating program which allows our firm to provide quick and accurate estimates on any size project. Florida Style has implemented a Safety Program which is administered by our safety director, who manages the company’s safety program and makes sure that the company adheres to OSHA regulations and guidelines. 



A Reputation of Performance and Quality


A well-run company with the manpower to get the job done, Florida Style has a reputation for finishing jobs ahead of schedule and within budget.  We have shaved months off the construction timeline. Our company makes safety its main priority.

We believe in doing things right and in doing the right thing.

For exceptional professionalism and dependability no matter the size, choose Florida Style.






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