Florida Style Ventures Inc.
849 Cypess Lake Circle 
Fort Myers, Florida 33919
Office Phone 239-243-8911
Fax 239-243-8911
email: floridastyleventures@gmail.com
State of Florida License # CRC056738

Lath and Stucco Services

"Your Exterior Finish Solution"

We have been installing lath and finishing stucco throughout Southwest Florida since 1993.

Our History

Florida Style is a full-service, Lath and Stucco Contractor that has been serving top builders and homeowners in Southwest Florida for many years in both commercial and residential construction projects. More than just a stucco contractor, we offer years of experience metal and vinyl lath. custom trims, decorative foam and moldings. We offer a wide variety of textures or smooth surfaces. Our quality control methods ensure complete customer satisfaction.






Product and services

We have provided lath and stucco services for thousands of homes in Southwest Florida since our inception. Single family dwellings are our specialty. From the high production track homes to the custom home builders to the owner builder, no project is too big or to small, we do it all.

Our objective is to provide the best available product in the market.

The following is a list of the processes and services we provide.

Quality. We employ only the most knowledgeable tradesmen as supervisors. They run your job from start to finish assuring that our standards of excellence are met. Our supervisors each have their own cell phone and are courteous, professionals.

Stocking. We make every attempt to use the finest material handling company to ensure proper care of the material and the structure/project during delivery.

Lath & Stucco Crews. Most of our crews have been with us for years. Crews range from 3 to 10 men, able to handle the smallest jobs as well as the large footage projects. 

Spray Textures. We utilize only the finest of equipment and materials, spray is no place to cut corners, and this is what can make or break the quality of the job.

Final Touch-up. All repairs are scheduled through the office, we schedule with a master schedule book, just call the office to schedule your date in, we guarantee we will be there that day.

Patch and Repair. Imagine being able to call or fax repairs in and be guaranteed that a qualified professional will be there on time every time. We guarantee if a repair is on our schedule it will happen, every time.

One year warranty. We provide a one-year warranty on all work.

Price. Because of the quantity of work Florida Style, Inc. does, we are able to maximize on discounts, allowing us to maintain a competitive price.

Estimate. We can plan bid a structure where framing is complete or do an onsite takeoff to ensure that our estimate is accurate. Simply fill out the form on the Contact Us page, and you will be contacted by an estimator or one of our Project Managers.

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